The Smarter Poisons Bait Option

The Big Cheese Bait products below use the active ingredient, DIFENACOUM. Difenacoum baits are highly effectively against both rats and mice in very small doses; it requires significantly higher consumption to be lethal to certain non-target animals.

To learn more about why The Big Cheese Difenacoum baits are The Smarter Poison Bait Option, visit the Contact Us page to receive more information.

Rat and Mouse Killer

Sachets of a highly palatable bait delivers lethal dose to both rats and mice but stops non-target animals being directly exposed to the bait.

  • Easy-to-throw packs for easy baiting of hard to reach places, including under cupboards and behind large items of furniture
  • Safer for handling with no direct contact to bait
  • Bitter, anti-taste agent to discourage children and/or pets from touching, licking or eating the bait
  • Available in 4 (100g) or 16 (400g) boxes
  • Material Safety Data Sheet

All Weather Block Bait

Paraffin wax block keeps bait fresh and palatable, even in wet weather and near water. Designed to fit in all The Big Cheese Bait Stations.

  • No spillage when setting
  • Lethal in small doses to mice and rats but requires much higher consumption to be lethal to many other non-target animals
  • Longer lasting in warm weather than most other block baits
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas
  • Available in 180g (9 blocks) and 540g (27 block) packs
  • Material Safety Data Sheet