About The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese range of rodent control products designed to give users options, so they can decide what suits their particular situation. The comprehensive range extends from traditional traps to the latest in sonic technology. Rodent control options available include traditional catch & kill traps, live catch, poison baits, child and pet safer alternatives and sonic deterrents.

The Big Cheese was founded in the United Kingdom in 1993 and has grown to be the No 1 rodent control brand in the UK.

While every product has been designed and tested by pest control professionals for a specific problem, wherever possible The Big Cheese has tried to make the job easier, more effective or safer. Its classic catch & kill traps come "pre baited" with a powerful attractant so they are ready to use straight from the pack. Its Difenacoum poison baits are designed to be safer for pets and non-target animals than most other baits currently found in Australia. And sonic repellers offer 24 hour a day rodent protection.

Look for The Big Cheese range in the pest control aisle of Bunnings and selected independent garden and hardware outlets.

If you want rodent control solutions PACKED WITH POWER, The Big Cheese has introduced the ULTRA POWER rodent control range.