The Big Cheese Range

The Big Cheese offers total rodent control including the most powerful traps, child and pet safe options, poison baits and the latest in sonic technology. Products are sorted into the following categories:

Kill It

Products that are designed to cure the problem by eliminating the rat or mouse. This includes traps, attractant, poison baits and bait stations.

Kill It Product Range

Welfare Friendly

A way to control rats and mice in and around the home without harming the rodent. Each product captures the rodent alive, allowing you to relocate the rat or mouse to an area away from your home.

Welfare Friendly Product Range

Sonic Repellers

The latest in electronic technology protects your home from rats and mice 24 hours a day by simply plugging into a power point. Sonics produce an ultrasonic noise that’s too high for humans and pets to hear but which rodents find difficult to tolerate.

Sonic Repellers Product Range

Child and Pet Safer

Protect your home from rats and mice with a range of products that are safer for use around children and pets.

Child and Pet Safe Product Range

Ultra Power

The Ultra Power brand will always carry the most powerful products in The Big Cheese range, whether they be baits, traps or sonics.

Ultra Power