This is the latest technology in catch and kill rodent control.



Electronic Mouse Killer

This battery operated device can kill 100 mice per set of AA batteries.

  • Quick, effective and humane with mice dead in seconds.
  • Special protection internal panels and micro switching prevent children and pet activation
  • Will attract mice, even unbaited making it a permanent sentinel (even better if baited).
  • Clear lid to enable quick inspection of catch or bait uptake.

Neo-Zap Electronic Rat Killer

The Ultra Power Neo-Zap Electronic Rat Killer from The Big Cheese features patent pending rodent control technology that delivers fast and humane control of target pests - just like the professionals use. Simply bait the unit with highly palatable The Big Cheese Fresh Baited Mouse & Rat Attractant or alternatively skewer a piece of fruit onto the metal rod.

  • Smart-circuit technology re-sets automatically
  • Micro-switch protection for safe handling and re-baiting
  • Safe and effective – kills rats in seconds
  • Delivers up to 50 kills per battery set (4 x AA batteries – not included)
  • Overcomes neophobia of target rats using non-toxic bait developed by pest control professionals