What bait is used on the 'pre-baited' products?

The "bait" is powerful, natural, sweet smelling attractant that is enticing to rats and mice.

Can I reuse traps once I've caught a rat or mouse?

All The Big Cheese products can be used after a rodent has been caught. Simply dispose of the captured pest and reset the trap. Always wash your hands after handling the trap.

Do I have to kill the rodent, or is there a way I can catch them without harming them?

We have a range of welfare friendly products you can use that capture pests without harm. The Live Catch Mouse Trap will catch one mouse, while the Multi-catch Mouse Trap can catch 10 or more mice in one setting. For larger rodents, the Rat Cage Trap is ideal.

Will the Sonic Repellers do harm to caged birds?

The ultrasonic noise produced is above that of the levels that humans and house-hold pets can hear. Birds shouldn't be able to hear the high-pitch sound. However, after turning on the repeller, watch for any signs of unusual activity from the bird that could be a sign of distress.

How does the Advanced Pest Repeller work?

It emits an ultrasonic sound too high for people and pets to hear between 30,000 and 60,000Hz, humans can hear up to 20,00Hz and cats and dogs up to 27,000Hz, but in a range rodents can’t stand! It even pulses through wiring to stop nesting in walls and ceilings.

Will the Advanced Pest Repeller damage electrical products?

No, the pulse created through the wiring is very low and uses very little electricity. It gives off a pulse that makes an uncomfortable environment for pests and stops nesting.

Which power-point should I plug the Sonic Repeller into?

The Sonic Repeller can plug into any 240V Wall AC Power outlet. Ensure the power-point isn't obstructed by items of furniture such as fridges, cupboards or lounge suites. It needs to be exposed to the whole room to be effective. For best results, place the unit less than 1 metre above the ground. Never plug into a Power Inverter.

How do I know the unit is working?

The unit should be silent. The Advanced Pest Repeller has a test button, when pressed the ultrasonic noise is lowered to a level humans can hear. This will indicate that the unit is working. The Sonic Pest Repeller has a red light on the front that glows when it's plugged in and working.

How do the Rodent Bait Stations work?

It keeps poison baits away from non-target animals and children. To open the casing, place the supplied key in the side of the unit with the prongs facing down. Push the key all the way into the lock and gently lift the key up. This will open the locking mechanism.This product is designed to help protect children, pets and non-target animals from direct contact with the contents. It may not withstand a prolonged attack by a large, hungry animal or other determined brute force. When using loose bait there is a risk that the contents may be tipped out by an unauthorised user. If any of these situations is considered possible, locate the baited station in areas away from direct access by children and pets.

How do "Kill It" traps work?

They're known as break-back traps. Rodents are killed instantly in one quick motion.

If my cat eats a rodent which has eaten The Big Cheese bait, should I be worried?

This is called secondary poisoning. The Big Cheese Difenacoum baits present a lower risk due to the very low amount of bait/active consumed by the rodent. We recommend as a precaution you watch for symptoms and, if in doubt, visit the vet with the label from the bait which the rodent would've eaten. If you use the Ultra Power bait, this is much stronger and presents a high risk. We recommend you take your pet to the vet immediately with the label from the bait.