Child and Pet Safer

An effective way to control rodent pests around the home, but safer for use around children and pets.

Keep poison baits and traps out of reach with Bait and Trap Stations. A solid-plastic casing ensures only rats and mice get caught in the trap, not little fingers or paws, while baits are also non-accessible thanks to a lockable lid, which can only be opened with a special key. Sonic Repellers produce an Ultrasonic sound too high for humans and pets to hear, but gets a hostile environment for rodents that drives them from the home without harm or the use of poison baits or traps.
Welfare Friendly traps capture rats and mice without harm. Each product is easy to set and because they're designed to capture the rodent alive, there are no dangerous components.

Trap Stations

Rat and Mouse Traps are safely protected in a strong plastic casing which requires a special key to open.

Trap Stations

Bait Stations

Ensuring safe application of poison baits, children and non-target animals are kept away from baits inside tamper resistant plastic casing.

Mouse and Rat Bait Stations

Welfare Friendly

A way to control rats and mice in and around the home without harming the rodent. Each product captures the rodent alive, allowing you to relocate the rat or mouse to an area away from your home.

Welfare Friendly Product Range

Sonic Repellers

The latest in electronic technology protects your home from rats and mice 24 hours a day by simply plugging into a power point. Sonics produce an ultrasonic noise that’s too high for humans and pets to hear but which rodents find difficult to tolerate.

Sonic Repellers Product Range