Mouse and Rat Bait Station

Ideal for both rats and mice, this solid plastic casing keeps poison baits away from young children and pets.

  • Secure, tamper-proof lockable lid, with key opening
  • Ensures safe application of poison baits
  • Tested and approved by pest control professionals
  • Usable inside and outside.
  • Designed to fit most block baits, including The Big Cheese All Weather Bait Blocks

Strongbox Rat Bait Station

Tamper-resistant bait station with Allen Key closure and ground anchors.

  • Strong metal construction
  • Ideal for commercial use, not just around the home
  • Ensures safe application of poison baits
  • Easy set-up and durable design for indoor and outdoor use
  • Removable plastic centre for easy cleaning

These products are designed to help protect children, pets and non-targeted animals from direct contact with the contents. It may not withstand a prolonged attack by a large, hungry animal or other determined brute force.

When using loose baits there is a risk that the contents may be tipped out by an unauthorised user. If any of these situations is considered possible, locate the baited station in areas away from direct access by children and pets.