Ultra Power Mouse Trap

The ultimate step-up from traditional, wooden traps. Pre-baited with rodent attractant, it's ready to use straight from the pack.

  • Tested and approved by pest control professionals
  • Powerful spring mechanism with 'teeth' ensures a quick kill
  • Pre-baited and ready-to-use
  • Trap clicks open for easy, no-touch disposal
  • Deep bait tray which is suitable for all types of bait
  • Available as twin pack to ensure the mice are captured straight away
  • Place the trap in the desired position and then set. This stops any accidental firing and injury
  • Not suitable for use around children or pets

Fresh Baited Mouse Trap

A pre-baited, ready-to-use traditional style wooden mouse trap

  • Pre-baited with fresh bait for a quicker catch
  • Powerful spring mechanism
  • Sleeve designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • East-to-use

Handy Hints

  • Mice have very poor sight and strongly rely on their whiskers when moving around. Just place the traps along walls and skirtings to maximise catches.
  • Mice live in groups, so placing two traps 4-5 metres apart will ensure the maximum catch.

Refresh your trap with Mouse & Rat Attractant

A powerful, natural attractant that lures rodents to traps.
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