Ultra Power FAst Action Bait products use the active BRODIFACOUM. Ultra Power is a powerful, fast-acting bait that kills rats and mice in ONE FEED.


Ultra Power Fast Action Bait Blocks

All weather bait blocks, keep bait fresh and palatable, even in wet weather and near water.

  • Designed to fit in all The Big Cheese Bait Stations

  • Same benefits as All Weather Bait Blocks - No spillage - Available in 120g (6 blocks), and 240g (12 blocks) packs.

  • Material Safety Data Sheet

Ultra Power Fast Action Bait Packs

Individual chew-through throw packs, that are ideal for hard to reach places.

  • Safer for handling, with no direct contact with the bait

  • Ideal chew-through bait packs for behind furniture, fridges and other hard to reach places.

  • Kills rats and mice in one feed.

  • Material Safety Data Sheet