Control rats and mice in and around the home without harming the rodent. A range of products have been developed which captures rats or mice, alive, and allows you to relocate the rodent to an area away from your home. Each product is also ideal for areas where young children or pets are active and may come in contact with the traps.

Live Catch Mouse Trap – Twin Pack

An effective and welfare-friendly way to control mice in and around the home.

  • Simple tip-and-trap mechanism for easy setting
  • Pre-baited with non-poisonous attractant
  • Locking bar to ensure no escape
  • Captured mice can easily be moved to another location without handling or harming the rodent
  • Place traps back-to-back along a wall or skirting to maximise catches
  • Safer for use around children and pets

Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

Solid steel, self-setting mouse trap can catch up to 10 live mice. Ideal for areas with high mice infestations.

  • Mice enter the trap via a ramp that closes once they’re in the trap, ensuring no escape is possible
  • Machined from industrial strength galvanised steel to ensure years of reliable service
  • Clear inspection lid allows at-a-glance trap checks
  • Hinged lid allows easy cleaning and release of live mice
  • Use in domestic and commercial sites, including food storage areas, kitchens or farms
  • Simply add an attractant or food to lure mice into the trap
  • Safe for use around children and pets

Rat Cage Trap

Fully assembled and ready to use, its heavy duty construction is effective against rats and similar sized nuisance animals.

  • Made from long-lasting galvanised mesh with machine finish for durability
  • Solid top and carrier handle for safe removal of pests
  • Simple, fail-safe setting for easy set-up and operation
  • Secure locking mechanism on solid door ensures no escape
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor areas, including within homes, on farms or in commercial premises.
  • Simply add an attractant or food to lure mice into the trap
  • Safer for use around children and pets

Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

The Big Cheese Multi-Catch Mouse Trap is a baited and ready-to-use trap that catches four or more mice at a setting. It has a self-setting mechanism with a clear view sliding lid for easy inspection and release of catch.

  • Simple, self-setting trap mechanism catches for our mice alive
  • Poison-free mouse trap – Safe for indoor use in areas where there are pets and children
  • Clear view, sliding lid for each trap inspection
  • Ready baited with Fresh Bait Attractant

Handy Hints

  • The Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Attractant is a powerful, safe attractant that is suitable for all welfare friendly traps. Click Here for more information.